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The AvLaw International Network is represented in Australia by the following aviation consultancy and law firm:

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AvLaw Aviation Consultants

AvLaw Consulting

AvLaw is a consulting company dedicated exclusively to the aviation industry, with its head office located in Sydney, Australia. AvLaw’s team of specialist aviation consultants and auditors have been sourced from all sectors of the aviation industry including airlines, general aviation, the resource sector and the military. AvLaw specialists include lawyers, academics, safety regulators and former senior airline executives. AvLaw’s specialists have extensive operational experience across a wide range of disciplines including flight operations, maintenance, engineering, air traffic management, law and regulations, aviation security, airport operations and the environment. AvLaw has a client base of over 60 aviation organisations and government departments including airlines, safety regulators, resource and mining companies and the Department of Defence.

AvLaw’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Regulatory compliance and oversight
  • Risk Management
  • Operational assessments
  • Technical writing
  • Aerodromes and Air Traffic Management
  • Air Operators Certificate
  • Accident investigation Human Factors
  • Helideck and Helipad Inspections
  • Aviation Law training and publications

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